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This novel is dedicated to the good people of Detroit, Michigan, past, present and future. My memories rise up shiny and golden as only they could through a child’s eyes and a child’s heart. Detroit has formed everything in my soul—my love of music and art, my citified folksiness, my hardened wariness and the sharp tongue I can’t seem to hold. But most of all my optimism that as long as God allows the sun to rise each morning, there’s something good coming: love, family, friends and adventure. I wish I had more of all four.

If you are from Detroit, I hope you recognize the places and the feelings this story evokes and if not, I want you to wish you were there during this indelible and special time in history. Real places and traditions of Detroit have been intertwined to revive the vision of the best days, I think, of my city on the river. This story has been buzzing around in my head and heart in one form or another for decades. I’m glad it’s finally out of me!


Also available through Amazon books and Barnes and Noble. I believe 'We Took The Long Way Home' is one of the best books to read this year. I hope you agree!

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Marilynn Celeste grew up in Detroit, Michigan, the child of auto factory workers. An alumnus of Pepperdine University at Malibu, California and a former resident of Cambridge, Massachusetts, she makes her home in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Marilynn has worked in the entertainment industry for decades, including Warner Bros. Records and Turner Classic Movies, and is a die-hard music and film fan. She is a mother and grandmother. This is her debut novel.



An epic saga of friendship, family secrets, betrayal and coming of age in the aftermath of the 1967 Detroit riots. 

Angelica Tanner learned as a child not to ask her mother too often about who her father might be. She pretends to be satisfied with the story of him being a war hero, dead and buried before he knew he was going to be a dad. But the stories don't add up. Could it be he's the most feared mobster in Detroit? Is that why "no decent colored man" would want her mother according to her grandmother? 

Ricky Williams is the college bound son of a large family, shouldering the burden of keeping his older brother out of trouble on the street. Will Ricky get out in time to save himself? As Angelica and her best friend Ricky groove through the Summer of Love, their youthful adventures collide with the course of history, when their city and their lives change forever. 

This tale follows Angelica and her friends into the 1980s to a world of unimaginable loss, redemption, love, and ultimately home.

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